City Museum of Quito and list of 75+ Museums in Ecuador

CITY MUSEUM MUSEUM OF QUITO AND LIST OF 75+ MUSEUMS EN ECUADOR, OPENING HOURS, ADDRESSES & HIGHLIGHTS, INCLUDING ARCHAEOLOGY, COLONIAL,  INDIGENOUS, ART, NATURE, varying from world class to fun local museums. For instance, if you go to the Casa Sucre, this rather unknown liberator of South America to non-Latin-Americans comes to live. Moreover, this lovely museum gives you an idea how noble families in the 18th and 19th centuries lived. The many archaeological museums give you a perspective of pre-Colombian history and makes you realize that there was much more than just the Incas. When you visit the Botanical garden or the Vivarium, you get to see some of those fabulous jewels of the virgin jungle, that you otherwise won't see.


If you are visiting Ecuador and interested in the country's, culture, history and nature, you can't afford ignoring the museums of Ecuador. The challenges is which one(s) to chose. As we don't know your prime interest, we listed most museums and visitor centers in the country with exception of those in the national parks, as they are listed in the protected areas webpage.


This page gives you the City Museum of Quito and most other museums in Ecuador while the lists keeps growing:

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In order to appreciate and get some understanding of Ecuador as a country, it is paramount that you visit at least some of the Museums of Ecuador. The quality of the museums of Ecuador vary from top notch museums that are at par with the best in the world - although always smaller - to some of the sweetest well meant attempts in rural Ecuador to educate the local population, like the church museum in Baños.


Museums in Quito

Many of the finest museums in Quito are all within 5 minutes' walks from each other and the Plaza Central. Some merit at least an hour, while others are fun for brief 10 - 15 minutes walk-ins. Entry fees are very moderate, usually between $2 and $3 for adults.


In old town Quito, several museums are hidden behind inconspicuous entrances. The regulations of Quito being a cultural World Heritage Site prohibit the placing of conspicuous boards and redesign of facades. So don't be mislead by a modest entrance, some of the museums behind a simple door are world class!


Keep an open eye and appreciate what you are getting. Some museums are nothing more - and nothing less - than a mansion or historical house in Old Town Quito, but to appreciate the lives of the colonial upper class, those places give you a true impression of the history of the country. No sophisticated mega museum can give you an impression of what life was like when Ecuador was developing into a nation, as those lovely - but small - museums are offering. Don't ignore them, pay them a brief visit and let your mind descend into a past of when Ecuador was gradually entering into the adulthood of nations.


40+ Quito Museum list, illustrated with pictures of highlights

40+ Museum in Quito


Opening hours*


Info to select your preferred museums while on vacation in Quito

Alianza Francés

Av. Eloy Alfaro N32-468 & Bélgica

9-19, Sa 9-12:30

Cultural center of France with expositions of French art as well as cultural events.

Arte Actual Flasco

La Pradera E7-174 & Almagro

9-13, 15-18

Cultural center of contemporary art.

Associación Humbolt

Vancouver E5-54 & Polonia


Cultural center of the Goethe Institute to promote cultural exchange with art gallery.



12-14 17-21 Sa 18-21

Cultural café, with many living art expression. Entry free, consumption expected.

Capilla del Hombre Guyasamín

Mariano Calvache E18-94 & Lorenzo Chávez

T-Sa 10-17

Latin American art.

Casa de las artes La Ronda

Juan de Dios Morales & Guyaquil


Exposition of historical photographs of the Calle Ronda.

Casa del Alabado, Museo de Arte Precolombiano

Cuenca & Rocafuerte

T-Sa 9:30-17:30 Su 10-16

Precolombian art museum.

Casa Museo Kingman

Almagro & Pradera

9-13, 15-19

Exposition of work of Kingman and other contemporary art.

Casa Museo Manuela Sáenz

Junín OE113 & Montufar

10-16 Sa10-14

Museum dedicated to Quito's hero Manuela Sáez.

Casa Museo María Augusta Urrutia

Garcia Moreno 760 & Sucre

T-F 10-18, Sa-Sa 9:30-17:30

Historical mansion with exposition dedicated to María Augusta Urrutia, giving an impression of the lives of the colonial nobility and art of Victor Mideros.

Centro Cultural Benjamín Carrión

Jorge Washington E2-42 & Ulpiano Paéz


Cultural Center and exposition of sculptures.

Centro Cultural del Instituto Geográfico Militar

Loma del Dorado & Seniergues E4-676


Educational exposition on science particularly related to mapping.

Centro Cultural Govindas

Esmeraldas OE 119 & Venezuela

M-Su 8-18

Cultural center Govindas dedicated to conscientious, social and ecological art with emphasis on (Asian) Indian culture.

Centro Cultural Itchimbía

Iquique S/N sector el Dorado


Cultural center in the restored former Santa Clara Market with contemporary art events and expositions with great view over historical center.

Centro Cultural La Casa de Juan Café Sibarí

Calle La Ronda 707

T-T 11-12, F-Sa 11-14 Su 14-24

Cultural cafe-restaurant in historical mansion with musical and other cultural expressions.

Centro Cultural Metropolitano

García Moreno & Espejo

8-19 Sa 9-14

Modern temporary expositions of widely varying themes and library.

Centro de Arte Contemporáneo

Luis Dávila & Venezuela

T-Su 9-17:30

Cultural enter in the former Military Hospital with expositions of contemporary art, study and documentation center & art laboratory.

Escuela Taller Quito

Montúfar N2-50 & Pereira

8-12, 13-16 Sa 9-13

Youth training center for traditional art skills with workshop for architectonical restoration.

Estampería Quiteña

Av. 24 de Mayo, junto Capilla del Robo

9-17, Sa 9-13

Printing Center dedicated to the study and development of the art of knowledge of printing, offering artists a place for production and marketing of their products.

Instituto Ecuatoriano de Cultura Hispánica

Olmedo Oe5-74 & Benalcazar


Museum with works of the Quito School of Art of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, as well as a library. The colonial mansion also serves for cultural center performances.

Jardín Botánico de Quito

Parque La Carolina at Pasaje Rumipampa & Av. Shiris

8-17, Sa Su 9-17

Different ecosystems and thematic gardens.

Casa de la Danza

Junín E2-186 & Javier Gutiérrez


Dans performances and teaching.

Museo Aeronáutico y del Espacio

Av. La Prensa & Carlos V. within the Airbase

8:30-12:30 13:30-15:30

Aviations and Airforce history of Quito with historical aircraft and equipment of Ecuador.

Museo Alberto Mena Caamaño

Espejo & García Moreno

T-Sa 9-17:30 Su 9-13:30

Wax museum with historical moments and figures in the former Quito prison. An interesting historical building with a restored part of the catacomb that traverse the Plaza de la Independencia, connecting churches and palaces.

Museo Etnográfico Amazónico

Av. 12 de Octubre 23-116 & Wilson

9-13, 14-17:30


Museum of the seven Ecuadorian Amazon tribes.

Museo Arqueológico Antonio Santiana

Av. América & Pérez Guerrero, Un. Central, Fac. de Filosofía


Oldest archaeological museum of Ecuador with 2 exposition rooms and library with publications.

Museo Camilo Egas

Venezuela N9-02 & Esmeraldas

T-F 9-13

Museum in colonial mansion dedicated to the art works of Camilo Egas.

Museo de Acuarela y Dibujo Muñoz Mariño

Junín E2-27

T-F 9-17

Museum dedicated to the Aquarelles and drawings by Muñoz Mariño

Museo de la Biblioteca Ecuatoriana Aurelio Espinoza Pólit

José Nogales N69-22 & Francisco Arcos - Cotocollao


Library, Colonial and historical Art museum.

Museo de la Ciudad

Garcia Moreno S1-47 & Rocafuerte

T-Su 9:30 - 17:30

The former hospital with chapel offers scenes and objects of Quito's historical past, including a historical hospital scene. Restaurant and terrace.

Museo de Santo Domingo Fray Pedro Bedón

Plaza Santo Domingo

9-17 Sa 9-14

Part of the convent of the Santo Domingo Church converted into museum and courtyard.

Museo de Sitio Intiñan

Av. Córdova Galarza, 200m before the roundabout at Mitad del Mundo

M-Su 9:30-17

Open air museum and other expositions of Ecuadorian tribes.

Museo de Sitio la Florida

Antoncio Costa & Román (entrada por Av. Occidental)

W-Sa 9-16 Su 10-16

Archaeological site.

Museo de Sitio Tulipe


W-Sa 9-17

70km North of Quito, archaeological site with water works belonging to the Yumbos culture.

Chimbacalle Train Station & Museum

Quilotoa s/n & Sangay

W-Su 9-13, 14-16:30

Ecuadorian restored train station is both a museum and the departure point for the famous Quito - Guyaquil railroad renowned for the Devil's nose pass. The restored train service became in operation again in 2014.

Museo Ecuatoriano de Ciencias Naturales

Pasaje Rumipamba & Shyris in Carolina Park

8-13, 13.45-16.45 Sa 9-13

Natural history museum.

Museo etnohistórico de artesanías del Ecuador - Mindalae

Reina Victoria N26-166 & Niña

M-Sa 9-17:30

Ethnological art museum.

Museo Etnográfico de la Mitad del Mundo

Av. Manuel Córdova Galarza km 13,5

M-Su 9-18

Ethnological museum showcasing the different tribes of Ecuador.

Museo Franciscano del Padre Almeida

Calicuchima 117 & Farfán

M-Sa 10-13, 14-17 Su 10-13

Fransiscaner museum in the San Diego Convent.

Museo San Francisco Fray Pedro Gocial

Plaza San Francisco

M-S 9-17:30 Su 9-13:30

Religious art museum and convent. Splendid balcony view over the San Francisco Church.

Museo Miguel de Santiago de San Agustín

Chile 924 & Guayaquil

9-12:30, 14-17 Sa 9-13

Religious art museum and convent.

Museo Monacal de Santa Catalina de Siena

Espejo Oe 1-85 & Flores

8:30-17 Sa 8:30-12:30

Religious history of the convent with historical scenes.

Museo Nacional Ministerio de Cultura del Ecuador

Av. Patria in Casa de Cultura

T-F 9-17, Sa-Su 10-16

Archaeological and colonial art museum with important gold collection and thematic scenes.

Museo Nacional de Medicina "Eduardo Estrella"

Sidoro s/n & Valparaiso

8:30-18 Sa 9-14

Medical museum with expositions on pre-colonial, colonial and early modern medicine.

Museo Nimismático

García Moreno & Sucre

T-F 9-17 Sa-Su 10-16

Coin and money museum.

Museo Arqueológico Weilbauer

Av. 12 de Octubre & Roca in Centro Cultural PUCE, 2nd floor


Archaeological museum of the Catholic University, with most artifacts donated by the Weilbauer family.

Palacio de Carondelet

Presidential Palace

T-Su 9-16. Mo change of the guard 11

Guided excursions through the Presidential Palace. Passport required for entry.

Parque Arqueológico & Ecológico Rumpipampa

Av. Mariana de Jesús & Occidental

W-Su 8-16:30

Archaeological site at a colonial hacienda.

Posada de las Artes Kingman

Almagro & Pradera

9-13, 15-19

Expostion dedicated to Kingman.

Vivarium de Quito

Av. Amazonas & Rumipamba in Carolina Park

T-Su 9:30-17:30

Live collection of amphibians and reptiles.

Yaku Parque Museo del Agua

El Placer OE11-271

T-Su 9-17:30

Water museum with splendid view over Quito

* Monday - Friday is not mentioned. If Monday closed: T-F. Saturday (Sa) and Sunday (Su) closed unless mentioned with different opening hours. Enjoy your visits to the 10 best museums in Quito


National Museum of Ecuador

No doubt the best museum in Ecuador, the Museo Nacional has been relocated to the Casa de la Cultura, replacing the former  Banco Central Museum. Located in outside of historical Quito, it is famous for its art piece, a golden mask with snake-like figures radiating from its face like sun rays. But there are many other great archaeological objects, some of them dating back to 3500 years BC. All objects are tastefully displayed in modern glass showcases, artfully distributed in large modern museum rooms.


The National Museum is an absolute must to any visitor to Ecuador and entry is totally free. The three main themes are: archaeological pre-Colombian objects, the Gold Room and religious colonial history. One needs at least an hour to briefly wander through the museum, but I have personally visited it several times, each time discovering some fascinating object I had not noticed before. The bilingual explanations are excellent and very modern.


MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Golden Sun Mask Banco Central / Casa de Cultura, National Museum, Quito, Ecuador

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Banco Central / Casa de Cultura National Museum

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Entrance National Museum / Casa de Cultura, Qutio, Ecuador

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: National Museum professional displays

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Archaeological interpretation at National Museum, Quito, Ecuador

Professionally designed and displayed pre-Colombian history of Ecuador. Excellent bi-lingual texts!


MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Golden ornament at National museum, Quito, ecuador

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Golden mask at the Sala de Oro at Casa de Cultura, Quito, Ecuador

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Golden necklace at National Museum, Quito, Ecuador

The "gold Room" displays a collection of some of the most fascinating pre-Colombian golden jewellery and artefacts.


MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Ceramic figure National Museum, Quito, Ecuador

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Ceramic royal person at Casa de Cultura, Quito, Ecuador

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Indian woman statue Casa de la Cultura, Quito, Ecuador

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Pre-inca king, ceramic figure, Casa de Cultura, Quito, Ecuador

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Clay statue National Museum

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Pre-inca ceramic pot, National Museum, Quito, Ecuador

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Pre-inca statue, Museo National, Quito, Ecuador

Particularly the coast of Ecuador has been studded with pottery.


Often layers and layers of smithereens, but wonderful in tact graves have also been found and some beautifully displayed artefacts can be found in the National Museum. Countless artefacts are displayed in the Archaeological Room.


The museum shows some fabulous reconstructions of burial sites:

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Pre-colonial grave, National Museum in Quito, Ecuador

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Golden box, gold room, National Museum, Quito, Ecuador

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Golden brooch, Museo National, Ecuador

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Golden ornament, Banco Central Gold Room, Quito, Ecuador


MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Golden mirror, museo national del Ecuador in Quito, Ecuador

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Golden shield, gold room, Banco Central museum.

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Golden Mask, Sala de Oro, Museo National, Quito, Ecuador

Tastefully displayed in the Gold Room (Sala del Oro), countless golden artefacts are displayed in show cases, grave reconstructions and on replica mannequins.

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Saint statue in the National Museum in Quito.

The Colonial Art room show cases beautiful artefacts from churches and well-to-families.

A "custodia" = Sacred receptacle for keeping a symbolic peace of holy bread or wafer.

Maria with Child National Museum of Ecuador in Quito.

Gold-leaf covered woodcarving of saint.

Golden crown on model at the National Museum of Ecuador.

Replica on manequin of golden crown


City Museum of Quito

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Court yard of the Museo de la Ciudad in Quito.

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Room of a colonial house in the City Museum in Quito.

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Capilla del Antiguo Hospital San Juan Museum in Quito.

City Museum of Quito (Museo de la Ciudad de Quito) is located in the former Hospital San Juan de Dios. Its modest $3 entry fee is well worth your money. The museum gives a great impression about Quito's early days and its history. 


Many colonial scenes are realistically and artfully displayed in the historical building of the hospital. Well worth a visit. The hospital's beautifully restored chapel is now primarily used for musical and other living arts performances.


Casa del Alabado Museum of Pre-Columbian Art

The Casa del Alabado, Museum of Pre-Columbian Art  is a museum in a beautiful colonial mansion in old town Quito. The museum is dedicated to Ecuadorian pre-Columbian art and well worth your visit.

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Casa de Alabado Museum of Pre-Colombian Art in Quito. MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Ceramic statue at the Alabado Museum in Quito
MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Pre-colombian Art at the Casa de Alabado Museum in Quito MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Shaman Ceramic Statue at the Alabado Museum in Quito
MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Ceramic dolphin at the Alabado Museum in Quito MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Golden Collar at the Casa de Alabado Museum in Quito


Carmen Alto Convent Museum

The Carmen Alto Convent has a religious museum with religious paintings and statues. Beautiful court yard of the convent.


San Francisco Convent Museum

Better designed than the previously listed museum, the San Francisco Convent Museum, to the right of the Church, also houses a collection of religious art pieces and paintings. Moreover, it gives a great view over the convent's premises with 2 beautiful patios and a unique view over the church from the otherwise inaccessible balcony.

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Religious Art museum San Francisco Convent in Quito

Courtyard San Francisco Convent Museum


Exposition San Francisco Convent Museum


Sucre Museum

In 1828, the liberator and first president of Ecuador bought this house as his residence, but only lived there briefly until he was assassinated in 1830. It is a beautiful colonial mansion with a collection of weapons and wonderful furniture of the period. The house gives a splendid impression of how the upper-class and nobles of the day lived in Quito.

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Sucre Museum Mansion in Quito MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Court Yard Sucre Museum in Quito

The Sucre Museum.

The court yard of the Sucre House.

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Main room Sucre Museum in Quito MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Saddle Room in the Sucre Museum in Quito.

The living room of the Sucre family.

The saddle room of the Sucre House.


Banco Central Museum

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Banco Central Museum, Quito, Ecuador.

Formerly the home of the national archaeological collection including the famous Golden Sun Mask, the beautiful neoclassical former Banco Central building is now a monetary museum, which still is worth visiting even though it no longer has the prestige of its former archaeological collection, even if if were just for seeing the building interior.


Centro Cultural Metropolitano

This free cultural center of Quito in a neo-classical building across the street from the palace has frequent expositions and is well worth walking in. It has beautiful court yards and a library.

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Centro Cultural Metropolitano in Quito. MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Exposition hall of the Centro Cultural Metropolitano in Quito.
MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Court yard Central Cultural Metropolitano in Quito

Above left: Centro Cultural Metropolitano entrance.


Above right: Exposition hall.


Left: Court yard Centro Cultural Metropolitano.


National Cathedral Museum

The National Cathedral Museum or Museo Catedral Primada de Quito, is a must as it is the home of the most beautiful room of Quito, the Sala Capitular, which I consider the Versailles Ball Room of Quito and a must see. It further houses a smaller chapel behind the Cathedral, with the Mausoleum of Sucre and a great collection of religious are.  The entrance is little known and located at Calle Venezuela 3-117 & Espejo.

MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Entrance of the National Cathedral Museum in Quito. MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Sala Capitular at the National Cathedral Museum in Quito.

The inconspicuous entrance of the National Cathedral Museum.

Quito's "Versailles Ball Room", the Sala Capitular, the most beautiful room in Quito and one of the finest museums in Quito.


MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Robes and miters of the early bishops of Quito. MUSEUMS IN QUITO: Admiral Sucre Mausoleum in the Chapel of the National Cathedral Museum in Quito

Beautiful robes and miters of the early bishops of Quito are guarded in the treasure room.

The Admiral Sucre Mausoleum in the Chapel of the National Cathedral Museum.

Chimbacalle Restored Railroad Station and Museum. Resored steam enginen at the Chimbacalle Restored Railroad Station and Museum.

The Chimbacalle Railroad Station used to be the Quito central railroad station during the 19th and 20th century until the railroad system fell became dysfunctional in the 80s. In 2008 the government started restoring the railroad system of Ecuador into its former glory and since 2014, it is possible again to ride the famous train from Quito to Guayaquil, passing through the Devil's Nose Pass.


Quito Museums: María Augusta Urritía House Interior.

One of the finest colonial mansions, from the street, the María Augusta Urritia House-Museum appears rather inconspicuous. Located on the García Moreno street just past the Jesus Compañía church, this museum is a must to see for a brief walk-in visit to get an impression on how the upper-class lived in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Astronomical Observatory, Quito

Built in 1873, the Observatory of Quito is the oldest on the continent. Renovated in 2009, it is both a museum of historical instruments and open to the public for star gazing on cloudless nights.

Botanical Garden Quito Botanical Garden Quito Orchid House Botanical Garden Quito Cactus House Botanical Garden Quito Yellow Orchid
Botanical Garden Quito White Orchid Botanical Garden Quito Pink Angel's Trumpet Botanical Garden Quito purple orchid Botanical Garden Quito purple bromelia
Amphibians House Vivarium of Quito

The Botanical Garden of Quito in the Carolina Park has a great selection of incredibly beautiful native flowers you will have difficulty finding in the wild. A must for every ecotourist. As they are all within 100m of each other, you may also enjoy visiting the Museum of Natural History and the amphibians and reptiles collection at the Vivarium

Colonial Art Museum entrance Colonial Art Museum court yard Colonial Art Museum Pedestal Colonial Art Museum Secretaire

A small museum in a beautiful mansion with colonial art.


Centro Cultural La Casa de Juan Café Sibarí Museo de Acuarela y Dibujo Muñoz Mariño. Not a real museum, Tianguez has a great terrace on the Plaza San Fransisco, to rest and enjoy the historical surroundings.  

Cultural Center La Casa de Juan Café Sibarí with performing arts.

Aquarelle Museum of the work of Muñoz Mariño.

A shop on Plaza San Fransisco, Tianguez has a nice terrace.

Quito former city jail, now Quito Wax Museum Wax Museum of Quito has catacombs with historical scenes Quito Wax Museum scene of French geodesion mission Mitad del Mundo Quito Catacombs traverse the Plaza Central, connecting palaces, cathedrals and other monumental buildings.

The Wax museum in Quito in the former city jail not only has historical scenes like the French Geodesian mission in wax statues, but also some very interesting catacombs that run under the Plaza Central, connecting palaces and churches.




Museum / cultural center

Opening hours



Casa de la Cultura, Núcleo del Azuay

M-Su 8-18

Sucre and Benigno Malo

Modern and historical art.

Catedral El Sagrario, Museo de Árte Religiosa


Mariscal Sucre y Luis Cordero

After the construction of the Inmaculate Conception Cathedral the El Sagrado Cathedral was no longer used and is now a museum for religious art.

Museo Arqueológico de las Culturas Aborígenes

8:30-18 Sa 9013

Calle Larga 5-24 & Hermano Miguel

Pre-Columbian and recent Indigenous objects.

Museo Arqueológico Universitario

8:30-12 14:30-18

Honorato Loyola 2-42 y Agustín Cueva

Some 5000 pre-Colombian items in 4 expositions representing important archaeological eras.

Museo Arqueológico López Abad


Av. Jaime Roldós, 150m before the roundabout

2000+ archaeological items.

Museo del Banco Central also know as Museo Pumapungo

8-18 Sa 8-13

Calle Larga & Av. Huayna Capac

Exposition: archaeology of the Cañaris and Incas, ethnographic exposition of the indian cultures of Ecuador, monetary exposition and religious and colonial art exposition of the eighteenth and nineteenth century. The museum also includes the Pumapungo archaeological site.

Museo de la Identidad Cañari

9-18 Sa 9-13:30

Presidente Córdova 6-26 & Borrero

500 pre-Columbian archaeological items of the Cañari, Inca and other cultures.

Museo del Centro Interamericano de Artes Populares CIDAP

9:30-3 14-18

Hermano Miguel 3-23 & La Escalinata

More than 7000 modern art items from Latin America.

Museo de Esqueletología “Doctor Gabriel Moscoso”

10-13 16-19 Sa 10-14

Bolívar 6-57 & Borrero

Collection of 150+ skeletons from the 19th century.

Museo Manuel Agustín Landívar

8-13 5-18

Calle Larga 2-23 & Manuel Vega

Archaeoligical museum with 20,000+ objects.

Museo de Geología Marco Tulio Erazo Vallejo




Museo de la Medicina Guillermo Aguilar Maldonado

8:30-12 13:30-17

Av. 12 de Abril

Collection of historical medical and surgery tools

Museo de los Metales

10-12 15-17

Alfonso Moreno Mora 1-51 & Av. Solano

Pre-inca metal objects.

Museo del Monasterio de las Conceptas

9-13 15-18, Sa 10-13

Hermano Miguel 6-33, & Juan Jaramillo

Religious art in the former infirmary of the monastery dedicated to the Virgin María.

Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno Luis Crespo Ordoñez

8:30- 3 3-18:30 Sa 10-13

Sucre 1527 & Coronel Tálbot

Museum of Modern Art in the restored historical building Casa Temperancia, a recovery center for alcoholics before becoming a prison.

Museo de Remigio Crespo Toral

8:30 - 13 15-18:30

707 Calle Larga and Borrero

8000 archaeological, historical and art objects, including Cañar and Chordeleg gold items as well as pre-Colombian ceramics. Furthermore a collection of colonial paintings and sculptures and religious art.

Museo de Ciencias Naturales Benigno Malo


Av. Fray Vicente Solano 2-58

Natural history museum with a considerable collection of animals.

Museo del Sombrero de Paja Toquilla

Shopping hours

Calle Larga 10-41

The Rafael Paredes Panama Hat shop has historical Panama hat production items as well as a production workshop where you can see panama hats being produced by the workers. Probably one of your best opportunities to buy a Panama hat from an enormous collection of traditional and creative modern models for men, women and children

MUSEUMS IN CUENCA, ECUADOR: Banco Central Museum MUSEUMS IN CUENCA, ECUADOR: Etnographic exposition

You can't visit Cuenca without going to the Banco Central Museum which also is home to the Pumapungo archaeological site, the ruins of the pre-Colombian city on which Cuenca was built. The museum itself showcases the archaeology of the Cañaris and Incas, an ethnographic exposition of the indian cultures of Ecuador, a monetary exposition and religious and colonial art exposition of the eighteenth and nineteenth century.


MUSEUMS IN CUENCA, ECUADOR: Colonial Cuenca: Old Cathedral Sagrario, Old Town Cuenca. MUSEUMS IN CUENCA, ECUADOR: Cathedral museum

The Sagrario Cathedral, the former cathedral of Cuenca, has been turned into a religious museum and living arts performance center. The interior of the side-chapel.


MUSEUMS IN CUENCA, ECUADOR: Panama Hats Museum Paredes Roldán, Cuenca

MUSEUMS IN CUENCA, ECUADOR: Panama Hats Press in the Panama Hats Musuem, Cuenca

Panama hat museum and workshop Paredes Roldán.


MUSEUMS IN CUENCA, ECUADOR: Modern art interior

Museum of Modern Art.



MUSEUMS IN CUENCA, ECUADOR: Museum of native cultures art

MUSEUMS IN CUENCA, ECUADOR: Indian culture art

Archaeological Museum of Indigenous art with more than 5000 objects of pre-Columbian and recent historical periods.



MUSEUMS IN CUENCA, ECUADOR: Conceptas Monestary, Cuenca

MUSEUMS IN CUENCA, ECUADOR: Las Conceptas Museum, Cuenca

Las Conceptas is a little museum in a beautiful colonial house, mostly dedicated to colonial and religious art.


Medical Museum.

Crespo Toral Museum

Modern Art Museum

Cidap Museum





Museum / cultural center

Opening hours



Botanical Garden


Cerro Colorado, Ciudadela Las Orquideas, Av. Francisco de Orellana

About 700 plant mostly native species in simulated natural habitats outside and in greenhouses. Also a butterfly house.

Casa de La Cultura including the Museo de Arte Prehistórico Carlos Zevallos Menéndez

Tu-Fr 10-18 Sa 9-15

Carlos Cevallos Menéndez de Octubre 1200 & Pedro Moncayo

Archaeological, historical museum with inter alia important collection of pre-Colombian golden art objects. Colonial art includes paintings and sculptures.

Museo Amantes de Sumpa

Th-Tu 9-12:30 15-17:30

Vía La Libertad in the town of Salinas

Historic archaeological museum. The people of Santa Helena Peninsula throughout its history.

Museo Antropologico y de Arte Contemporaneo (MAAC) del Banco Central

8-18 Sa-Su 11-13

José de Antepara and 9 de Octubre

50,000+ archaeological objects, 3,000 modern art objects and archaeological, historical and art library.

Museo Banco del Pacífico

Tu-Sa 9-18

P. Icaza 133 and Av. Pichincha

Rotating exhibits of archaeology & a permanent collection of 19th-century South American art.

Museo Coronel Felix Luque Plata

Tu-Sa 10-14

Plaza Colon S/N

Fire Fighters Museum

Museo Farallón Dillon



Lighthouse overlooking the Guayas River

Museo Francisco Campos

8-12 14:30 -18:30

Campos Lizardo Garcia 225 and Velez


Museo Histórico Bae Calderón

Tu-Fr 9-16 Sa-Su 10-14

Cañar & 5 de Junio

A historic marine vessel of the Navy.

Museo Miniatura


Malecóm Simon Bolivar

Scenes in miniature about the history of Guayaquil.

Museo Luis A Noboa Naranjo




Museo del Municipal de Guayaquil

9-12 15-18

Sucre & Chile

Displays: Archeological objects, colonial documents, ethnological objects, photographs and personal objects of people playing a role in the independence of the city at the beginning of 19th century.

Museo de la Música Popular Guayaquileña Julio Jaramillo




Museo Naval Almirante Illingworth

8-12:30 14-16

Malecón & Clemente Ballen

Naval history of Ecuador with restored warships.

Museo Presley Norton

Tu-Sa 9-17

9 de Octubre and Carchi

Archaeological museum about the "Life and Customs of the Settlers of Ancient Ecuador". The objects belong to the periods; Formative (4200 BC – 500 BC), Regional Development (500 BC – 500 AD) and Integration (500 AD – 1530 AD).

Museo Nahim Isaias B.

Mo-Sa 10-17

Clemente Ballen and Pichincha 2nd floor

Colonial art museum with paintings, sculptures and other objects from the 16th to the 19th centuries.

Museo del Sitio Arqueológico El Mongote Real Alto

Su-Fr 9-17 Su 9-16

Carretera to San Linas Chanduy


Parque Histórico Guayaquil


Av. Rio Esmeraldas

Guayaquil Open Air museum where important historical buildings have been removed brick by brick, as well as nature and wildlife as well as historical cultural of the 19th century.

MUSEUMS IN GUAYAQUIL: Botanical garden

MUSEUMS IN GUAYAQUIL: Presely Norton Museum



Botanical Garden, Guayaquil

Presley Norton Museum

Nahim Isaias Museum

Miniture Museum Guayaquil




Casa de Cultura Guayaquil


Enjoy visiting the Museums of Guayaquil!

CITY MUSEUM QUITO & 75+ OTHER MUSEUMS IN ECUADOR: Galapagos Biological Station.

On Galapagos there is the Charles Darwin Research Station.


In Baños, the "Nuestra Señora del Agua Santa Church has a general museum at the second floor of the monastery's court yard, featuring rooms with ethnological, religious, historical, biological, and many other expositions. While very amateurish in its presentation, it still is very interesting as a regional museum  - particularly the collection of indigenous pottery is very interesting.


CITY MUSEUM QUITO & 75+ OTHER MUSEUMS IN ECUADOR: Museum at Baños, Ecuador is at the second floor of the Nuestra Señora del Agua Monastery.CITY MUSEUM QUITO & 75+ OTHER MUSEUMS IN ECUADOR:  Nuestra Señora del Agua Museo, religioso exposción


More information on CITY MUSEUM MUSEUM OF QUITO AND LIST OF 75+ MUSEUMS EN ECUADOR will follow as we discover more. If you enjoyed this page, please give us a like or google+, so that more people can find it.


While museums give you an impression of the fabulous history of Ecuador and its many art expressions, one should not forget that there still is an incredible amount of living art in Ecuador, which you should not forget to visit. Read more: Art and Craft in Ecuador.


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