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ANDEAN TREKS IN ECUADOR: THE GREAT VOLCANOES OF THE VALLEY OF THE VOLCANOES, INDIAN CULTURES, MONUMENTS, WILDLIFE, BIRDS & FLOWERS. Let us help you to organize splendid tours through the world famous Valley of the Volcanoes.


Hi, our website gives you information about the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, our Cuyabeno Lodge, and Ecuador in general. Our lodge is located on a small seasonal island in Lake Cuyabeno and thus it is in the most beautiful spot in the most beautiful Amazon reserve of all the Amazon countries. Here you find our program. Our website shows you hundreds of photos and valuable information about Cuyabeno and Ecuador. Clicking on the thumbnails opens the photos in very high resolution.


Andes Treks of Ecuador: Life music Andean music at a restaurant in Otavalo.Otavalo Indian Market: Traditional Indians of the Andes, Ecuador


Fabulous Andean music and culture.



On an Andes Treks in Ecuador: a hike through Cajas National Park.Andes Treks of Ecuador:  Many Andes parks in Ecuador are very suitable for hiking.


Almost 20% of Ecuador is protected as a national park or other protected area. Particularly the Andes parks are suitable for trekking and day visits.


Hercules Cluibs are commonly seen on Ecuador Andes treks.Andes Trek of Ecuador: Andes forest in Ecuador.

Creeks seen on Ecuador Andes Treks in Ecuador are crystal clear.


For getting to know the paramo, Cajas National Park is a very good choice, although other great parks include, El Angel, Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, Sangay, etc.


Red Angel's Trumpet is commonly seen on Ecuador Andes treks.Lady Slipper encountered on Ecuador Andes Treks.Paramo lake seen during Andes treks in Ecuador.

Ecuador Andes Treks & Trekking through the paramos: Enjoying the gorgeous mountain lakes, the gorgeous flowers, the fresh air above 3500 m, a life changing experience.


Andes Treks of Ecuador: admiring a Paramo Tulip.Andes treks Ecuador: Paramo Tulip Gentianella hircules found on an Ecuador Andes trek.

As tiny as they are, the Andes tulips, as the locals call them - in reality they are gentians - are our favorite Andes flower.


6000+ Vecuñas roam freely at the chiborazo paramo. Alpacas in Chimborazo Wildlife Reserve are the domesticated form of the vicuñas.

6000+ Vecuñas roam freely at the chiborazo paramo.

Alpacas in Chimborazo Wildlife Reserve are the domesticated form of the vicuñas.


The Andean Fox is Ecuador's largest canine predator. Andean Condors are the largest birds of South America.

The Andean Fox is Ecuador's largest canine predator.

Andean Condors are the largest birds of South America.



Peguche Water Fall seen on Ecuador Andes Treks.Andes treks Ecuador: San Rafael Water Falls is part of an Ecuador Andes Trek in Ecuador.

Ecuador Andes Treks include the San Pablo Lake.


Ecuador is a nation of great quantities of water, with splendid lakes, like Lake San Pablo, and fascinating waterfalls, such as San Rafael and Peguche Waterfalls.



Alpacas at the Chimboraza, ecuador, are commonly seen on Ecuador Andes treks.Cayambe at seen at Ecuador Andes treks.

Ecuador Tunguragua seen at Andes Treks in Ecuador.Sangay seen on Andes Treks in Ecuador.

10 COTOPAXI NATIONAL PARK FACTS: Cotopaxi peakCimborazo, seen on Andes treks in Ecuador.


Many of the Snow-capped volcanoes are very active, such as the Cotopaxi, the world's highest active volcano, the 5,230 m high Sangay, the Antisana and the Cayambe, located right on the equator. Other extremely active non-snowcapped volcanoes are the Chacana, Guagua, Pichincha, Reventador, Sumaco, and Tungurahua, most of which are located in national parks.


Tunguragua Andes treks EcuadorAndes treks Ecuador: Tunguragua eruptionAndes treks Ecuador: Tuguragua, is Ecuador's most active volcano on the mainland

Andes treks Ecuador: Tunguragua lava flowAndes treks Ecuador: Ecuador, Andes, TunguraguaAndes treks Ecuador: Tunguragua eruption


The Tunguragua Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes on continental Ecuador. Other extremely active volcanoes include the Reventador and the Sangay.


Join us on our Ecuador Andes Treks

Some people like to make a trip switch backing from one destination in the Central Valley to another, while others like to do their Ecuador Andes Treks & Trekking from a few centers of operation, like Quito, Otavalo and Cuenca. Whatever your prefer, we can help you plan it and arrange the logistics and accommodation. We can even arrange for bicycles if you like.


For detailed information on climate and weather conditions in Ecuador, read: climate of Cuenca, Ecuador; climate Galapagos Islands in Ecuador; climate in the Amazon of Ecuador and climate of Ecuador. If you want to learn more about the country, read Ecuador Facts.


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