Ecuador, Land of Many Destinations

TOP 10 TOURIST ATTRACTIONS ECUADOR BESIDES GALAPAGOS: 50 Parks & Reserves; 2 colonial towns, world's best Amazon, adventure tourism, hot baths.

Ecuador has many fabulous cultural destinations, fabulous national parks and reserves as well as adventure tourism opportunities, which can be combined into a wonderful vacation and a lifetime experience. We invite you to brows through some of the pictures below and click some of the links to get an impression of what Ecuador has to offer.


Dear visitor, our website gives you info about the Cuyabeno Park, our Cuyabeno Lodge, and Ecuador in general. Our lodge lies on a little seasonal island in the Cuyabeno Lake, which is the prettiest spot in the most beautiful Amazon park in all of South America.  Here you can find our program and our prices. Our website has hundreds of high-resolution pictures of Cuyabeno and Ecuador, with thumbnails that open by clicking on them. If you love our pictures or find our info useful, please give our pages a 


Jungle Lodge Ecuador

The 600,000+ ha Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is the only major Amazonian park in the world that can be reached over a paved road! Drive straight from capital Quito to our motorized canoes within the borders of the park, or even better, fly from Quito to Lago Agrio, where we pick you up on the airport and take you on a magnificent Amazon adventure! The Cuyabeno Lodge is Rainforest Alliance verified. The guides of our  lodge, the Cuyabeno Lodge, are famous for their knowledge about birds as well as other Amazon Jungle Animals and Amazon Rainforest Plants.




Lonely planet elected Ecuador's capital Quito number 2 in the world's 10 cities to visit in 2016: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/best-in-travel/cities! With its many cathedrals, historical buildings and streets, it was the center of the Roman Catholic church of South America during the Colonial days, is the most beautiful colonial capital of the entire American continent!

TOURIST ATTRACTIONS ECUADOR: Quito, Golden interior of the Compañía ChurchTOURIST ATTRACTIONS ECUADOR: Santo Domingo Cathedral in Quito



Otavalo is the center of the famous industrious Otavalo Indians, who have developed themselves as a strong economic force, while maintaining their cultural values. Their Indian art market is famous for their beautiful artisan craft and one of the finest hand-woven fabrics and other crafts in Latin America. No-one ever leaves Otavalo without buying at least something; some people buy a lot!

TOURIST ATTRACTIONS ECUADOR: Andean Musico group in OtovaloTOURIST ATTRACTIONS ECUADOR: Otavalo Indian women in traditional dress



Cuenca Ecuador, the friendly colonial city in the south of the country; not as dramatic as Quito but extremely friendly and gentle and the point of departure for exploring the southern Andes of Ecuador:

TOURIST ATTRACTIONS ECUADOR: Inmaculada Concepción Cathedral in CuencaTOURIST ATTRACTIONS ECUADOR: Pumapungo Inca Ruins in Cuenca Ecuador


The Andes

The Valley of the Volcanoes is a dramatic landscape between Otavalo and Cuenca, which is bordered with famous volcanoes at both sides, like the Cayambe at the Equator, Picincha towering over capital Quito and reachable by cable cart, the Cotopaxi, the world's highest active volcano, throning over a national park with a herd of lamas and the world's highest mountain on earth measured from the earth's center, the Chimborazo with a vecuña reserve at its foothills. We organize great Andes Ecuador Treks:

Alpacas at the Chimboraza, ecuador, are commonly seen on Ecuador Andes treks.TOURIST ATTRACTIONS ECUADOR: San Rafael Waterfalls


Cajas National Park

Cajas National Park, Ecuador's paramo national park with countless crystal clear lakes:

TOURIST ATTRACTIONS ECUADOR: Visitor Center at National Park Cajas, EcuadorTOURIST ATTRACTIONS ECUADOR: Paramo Parks Tour Ecuador



UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Ingapirca ruins of Ecuador, the mysterious Inca city of which no record exists and whose history largely remains a mystery until the present day;

TOURIST ATTRACTIONS ECUADOR: Ecuador Chamber at the Temple of the Sun at IngapircaTOURIST ATTRACTIONS ECUADOR: Temple of the Sun with Inca wall at Ingapirca


Galapagos National Park

The Galapagos National Park don't need further introduction! When you go to Ecuador, you have got to see the only place on earth where animals don't flee from people: the lost paradise. See Galapagos and complete your vacation with our 4 days Amazon Adventure.

TOURIST ATTRACTIONS ECUADOR: Bartolome Island on Galapagos National ParkTOURIST ATTRACTIONS ECUADOR: Galapagos Sea Lions


Mangrove parks

The famous Ecuadorian mangroves in Esmeraldas Province with great jungle lodge Ecuador programs:

TOURIST ATTRACTIONS ECUADOR: Fishermen at Mangrove, EcuadorTOURIST ATTRACTIONS ECUADOR: Red Mangrove Tree, Rhyzophora mangle


This is just a selection of many tourist destinations that Ecuador has to offer. Please consult some other great pages about Ecuador's Tourist Attractions:

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