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The Cuyabeno Lodge, was the first lodge in Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve and among the very first in the entire Amazon region. It founded and managed by international conservationists who were part of the team that selected the National Parks system in the 1970s. The lodge is located on a seasonal island of Cuyabeno Lake, which is the most scenic spot in the entire park. Their now even is a canopy tower to watch birds and wildlife.


Lonely Planet and Tripadvisor recommend it for its beautiful location and professionally guided Amazon rainforest tours, while the Lodge has been verified by the Rainforest Alliance. A visit to the Cuyabeno Lodge combined with a trip to Galapagos is a life-time experience.


As we started as early as in 1986 using tents, we soon learned that visitors to the Amazon rainforest need to stay in an accommodation that on one hand is in harmony with the rustic environment, but still provides adequate comfort. So, in 1989, we built our lodge to such standards. Visiting the rainforest will get you to some rather muddy spots and sometimes you may get wet while out in the forest. For such conditions we do provide rubber boots and ponchos. But afterwards it is wonderful to be able to take a hot shower in the lodge.


Modern solar panels provide electricity for light and charging batteries of guests' equipment. We recently introduced electrical outboard "whisper" engines for our excursions on the lake.


Our Cuyabeno Lodge programs include all food, coffee and fruit juice that accompany the meals. We went at great length to build a functional kitchen where food could be prepared hygienically. The restaurant serves a balanced mix of healthy international food. Also included, besides lodging, are transportation to and fro the park from LagoAgrio, all water transportation and guiding. With rates starting at $65 per day depending on duration and accommodation, that is very good value for money.


Amazon Rainforest Lodge: Canopy tower Cuyabeno Lodge.Amazon Rainforest Lodge: Great view from canapy tower of the Cuyabeno Lodge.Amazon Rainforest Lodge: Modern amanities at the Cuyabeno Lodge. Amazon Rainforest Lodge: Great food at the Cuyabeno Lodge.

Amazon Rainforest Lodge: Comfort and fun at the Cuyabeno Lodge.Amazon Rainforest Lodge: Resting at the Cuaybeno Lodge after lunch.Amazon Rainforest Lodge: Great fun and friendship at the Cuyabeno Lodge.Amazon Rainforest Lodge: Comfortable beds at the Cuyabeno Lodge.

Amazon Rainforest Lodge: Indian culture enjoyed from the Cuyabeno Lodge.Great bird watching at the Cuyabeno Lodge. Amazon Rainforest Lodge: Fantastic exchursions at the Cuyabeno Lodge.Amazon Rainforest Lodge: Monkey visiting the Cuyabeno Lodge.



Cuyabeno Lodge / Neotropic Turis Office in Quito, Ecuador:

Shyris Park Building, Av. de los Shyris N36-188 & Av. Naciones Unidas, Office 608, 6th floor.

Phone: (++593) (0)(2) 292 6153

Cell (mobile) phone: (++593) (0)999 80 3395


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