In the mid-80s the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve was being invaded by illegal settlers, who started to cut down the forest of the reserve. A group of conservation biologists had advised the government that the only solution to deforestation would be to actively promote ecotourism to the reserve in order to create alternative forms of income based on services rather than cutting down the forest. At the time there was no ecotourism at all and these biologists started organizing ecotours to the reserve, starting out with their first little group of 16 Dutch tourists in 1986, which were hosted in the biological station of the Catholic University and in tents. It soon became clear that a more permanent solution was needed to facilitate the ecotourists and in consultation with the National Park Service of Ecuador, these biologists invested the little life-savings they had into incorporating Neotropic Turis as a conservation corporate social responsibility company in 1988 with the objective to rescue the Cuyabeno Wildlife reserve from permanent deforestation by creating alternative livelihoods.


Economically, this endeavor was a high risk enterprise, as there was no telling at the time if this investment was ever going to be self-sufficient. About a decade after these biologists started their desperate effort to rescue the reserve, other tourism corporations started to move in and build overnight facilities as well and nowadays the governments both at the local level and the national level have recognized the importance of the reserve for the tourism economy, thanks to this humble daring initiative a quarter century ago.


Neotropic Turis' mission is to promote and facilitate visitation to national parks and protected areas in Ecuador, so that by being visited, governments and local communities become aware of their importance for generating income and alternative livelihoods. After its humble initiatives, Neotropic Turis is working on promoting ecotourism to other national parks in Ecuador and over time, elsewhere in Latin America.


Why in National Parks and Reserves? It is a sad reality that in Latin America, including Ecuador, many national parks and reserves receive hardly any visitation at all, and therefore risk being neglected by the respective governments and most of them are heavily underfunded. In  fact, there are many ecolodges on isolated patches of forest, and being private enterprises, these lodges promote themselves much more effectively than the governments do with their national parks. As a result well-meaning ecotourists go to the places of lesser importance for the conservation of nature, while the national parks and nature reserves that protect the majority of the animals and plants of the country remain little known and receive hardly any visitors. Neotropic Turis has been created to address this problem. We are developing excursions to national parks and nature reserves that are part of the protected areas system of Ecuador and of other Latin American countries. This will not maximize our earnings, but it will contribute to the conservation of the most important nature of the world: Nature of the NEOTROPICS! That is why we created Neotropic Turis. Any trip with us will help protect nature as we reinvest our earnings into new programs to other protected areas, so that they too can benefit from ecotourism and become permanently protected.


As a corporate social responsibility company, Neotropic Turis not only focuses at the national parks and local communities. We are conservationists at heart and we feel that by giving you a great vacation and an enriching experience we promote conservation worldwide. We dedicated our lives to conservation, and we know how much you have looked forward to having a great vacation to Ecuador and / or Latin America. We want you to have your experience of a lifetime.


Our Code of conduct towards YOU is guided by the following:

We are aware of the fact that many of our clients don't have a large budget and we try to help you find great value for money. Others really love to enjoy their vacation at the highest level of luxury and we will be delighted to organize that for you and yet we will keep our commission modest. We are currently designing a list of as many Galapagos yachts and tours as possible, so that you can chose a trip that suits your needs and budget. Almost every day we get emails in on Galapagos last minute discounts, benefits we want to pass on to YOU. We will never knowingly try to sell you a more expensive accommodation or transportation so that we get a higher commission. On the contrary, we are committed to find you the best deal available so that you will go home with the feeling that you had a great time for a great price.


Neotropic Turis is part of a worldwide conservation effort from its investors. We promote conservation of national parks and protected areas in any way we can. Just take a look at what else the investors of Neotropic Turis do for the conservation of national parks. Take a look at our websites, and you will immediately see that we dedicate our entire lives to conservation:

We hope we are moving in the right direction given the fact that we were elected on  TRIP ADVISOR'S TRAVELERS' CHOICE prestigious "Top 25 Bargain Hotels in all of South America"



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    We're on Trip Advisor's Traveler's 2013 choice "Top 25 Bargain Hotels in South America"

Yet we know that we should never slacken our efforts. After a quarter century of operation, we know that sometimes things just have not worked out. If you have had any complaints or disappointments, email us about your disappointment. On the other hand, if you have had a good experience, write about us on Trip Advisor and give us your Facebook and Twitter likes and Google+ in the moving tool bar at your right.


We hope to welcome you soon in Ecuador!



Cuyabeno Lodge:

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