1. Thermal Baths

  2. Zip-lining

  3. The Pailón Waterfalls Stairways

  4. Wild water rafting

  5. Mountain biking

  6. Bungee jumping

  7. Trampoline

  8. Hiking in the mountains

  9. Paragliding

  10. Rappelling

  11. Baños Nightlife

  12. Buggy carting

  13. "End of the World" Swing

  14. Nuestra Señora del Agua Church

  15. Museum


15 Coolest things to do in Baños Ecuador

Thermal baths #1

Baños originally became known for its thermal baths or spas. In the 1970s, there were 3 major thermal pools, but over the years the number increased and now there are six, four downtown at the foot of the volcano and 2 a just outside of town. Having been built decades ago, the oldest - but best - ones are rather old fashioned rectangular basins with no frills. However, they are extremely rich in volcanic minerals, straight out of the Tunguragua hotbed and an El Dorado for spa lovers.


The older thermal baths - and as I said, the best - are actually quite cheap and attended by hundreds of Ecuadorian families any day of the week while breathing a family atmosphere of friendliness.


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The British owner of the 5 star Sangay Hotel, swears by the Balneario, El Salado, even though he has thermal spring water in his own hotel.  He soaks there every morning at dawn. He advises not to go for the clear blue swimming pools, but for the hottest, mineral richest & murkiest ones that flow straight out of the volcanic springs. The richest one is a small somewhat murky pool at El Salado! The hottest and purest thermal bath in El salado. The smaller the bath, the purer the spring. For the brave, one can cool off in the icy cold river running by the pools.

Piscinas de la Virgen thermal baths.

Cascada de la Virgen waterfall.


Others vouch for the thermal baths of the Piscinas de la Virgen at the end of the Avenida Martínez, next to the Cascada de la Virgen waterfall plunging from the Tunguragua facade; At night it’s beautifully illuminated. The 3 main  pools are open in daytime, while some pools downstairs are only open at night.


Balneario Santa Clara is focused in the local population.

Eduardo's Swimming pool is more focused on international clientele.


In addition to the baths, a sub-industry of spa treatments and massage therapies has sprung up in town. Many of the more resort-type hotels have their own thermal pools, saunas, Turkish baths, steam boxes, whirlpools, therapeutic and relaxing massages - even Chinese, Swedish or Thai -, facials, aromatherapy, medicinal mud baths and other spa-related treats. Hotel guests get many of the facilities for free (not massages), while non-guests are charged a fee. El Refugio is a bit east of town in San Vicente, while downtown a wide choice of accommodations are available. Santa Clara thermal baths particularly attends to the indigenous and less wealthy Ecuadorians, while Eduardo's (above right) attends to a more affluent clientele with much steeper prices.


Recently, a British gentleman restored the beautiful Sangay Hotel to a fantastic 5 star hotel and spa with all the facilities and services one can dream off. Most importantly, he went at great length restoring the beautiful main building to its original condition and much better, with all sorts of invisible fortifications to make the building earthquake proof. If you can effort it and like this kind of luxury, this is the place to go! We highly recommend it, but of course, Baños has many alternative places to sleep, varying from a few dollars per night for students and lovely great value for money inns and retreats.


The Manta de la Novia Waterfalls are fantastic falls about 20 minutes east of Baños. Along the road side, quite a little industry has developed, offering cable cart rides across the canyon and for the more daring, there are several providers of rappelling.


10 COOLEST THINGS TO DO IN BAÑOS, ECUADOR: Pastaza River with the Manta de la Novia Waterfalls, Baños Ecuado10 COOLEST THINGS TO DO IN BAÑOS, ECUADOR: Cañon del Río Pastaza River near the Manta de la Novia Waterfalls, Baños Ecuado10 COOLEST THINGS TO DO IN BAÑOS, ECUADOR: Cable Cart Manto de la Novia Waterfalls, Baños, Ecuador

Zip-lining #2

I was never going to do THAT! Until our lovely 9 year old tour companion said she was going to do it. Then what is an adult man to do........... Well, yes, it was scary, but not as bad as I had feared, and actually GREAT FUN! The crew was very good at what they did and made you feel in safe hands. An alternative and less adrenaline laden way of passing the Pastaza Canyon is by cable cart, which also allows you to take better close-up pictures of the Manto de la Novia Waterfalls.


10 COOLEST THINGS TO DO IN BAÑOS, ECUADOR: Cascada Pailón del Diablo.10 COOLEST THINGS TO DO IN BAÑOS, ECUADOR: Stairway de la Cascada Pailón del Diablo.

Descent to the Pailón Waterfall #3

Also located along the main road, is the Pailón del Diablo Waterfall. This fall is what is left after a hydraulic electricity plant, built in the 1970s, funneled off most of the river water into a bi-pass through the rocks, leading to its turbines. But still the waterfall is dramatically beautiful and well worth the stop. You can take the stairs down to take a closer look.


10 COOLEST THINGS TO DO IN BAÑOS, ECUADOR:  rafting on the Río Pastaza.Que hacer en Baños, Ecuador: ciclismo de montaña.

Wild water rafting #4

White water rafting on the Pastaza River through the Pastaza Gorge is a fantastic exuberating experience.

Mountain biking #5

Byking is organized in many different degrees of difficulty. There are pleasant rides downhill along the Pastaza Canyon, as well as tough mountain biking on the different trails leading up and down from the canyon.



Bungee jumping #6

For many, the ultimate MUST-DO THRILL is bungee jumping, yet another one of the many outdoors activities organized from Baños along the Pastaza River Canyon.

Trampoline #7

For the younger ones, a neat activity is trampoline jumping with enforcement of rubber cables, offered at the Manto de la Novia Falls.


Caminar en BañosDiversión Baños

Hiking in the mountains of the national parks #8

Baños is stuck between Sangay and Llanganates National Parks where you can make fabulous hikes, including walking up the Tunguragua Volcano.

Paragliding #9

Paragliding is an exiting sport and a fantastic way to oversee the valley.


Mountains BañosBaños vida nocturna

Rappeling #10

Un deporte importante es el andinismo y practicar rapeling.

Nightlife #11

Nightllife in Baños is totally cool with bars, discos, restaurants, termal bathts and health massages




Buggy carting #12

One can rent buggies and go carting in the wild in the mountains near Baños.

The "End of the World Swing" #13

The "End of the World Swing is fun for all ages.


10 COOLEST THINGS TO DO IN BAÑOS, ECUADOR: Nuestra Señora del Agua Church, Baños Ecuador10 COOLEST THINGS TO DO IN BAÑOS, ECUADOR: Nuestra Señora del Agua Church interior, Baños Ecuador

10 COOLEST THINGS TO DO IN BAÑOS, ECUADOR: Nuestra Señora del Agua Church courtyard, Baños Ecuador10 COOLEST THINGS TO DO IN BAÑOS, ECUADOR: Nuestra Señora del Agua souvenir market.

Nuestra Señora del Agua Church #14

In front of the church, facing the Central Plaza, one finds the souvenir stalls of the town. Always busy with local people, it is a joy to watch the people. The interior of the church is surprisingly nice and enjoys a healthy attendance from the local congregation, while there is a lively market on the Plaza Central in front of the church.


10 COOLEST THINGS TO DO IN BAÑOS, ECUADOR: Nuestra Señora del Agua Museu, ethnological exposition.10 COOLEST THINGS TO DO IN BAÑOS, ECUADOR: Nuestra Señora del Agua Museo, religousexposition.

Museum #15

Baños is not really old, and the Nuestra Señora del Agua Santa Church dates from the beginning of last century. But it is a lovely building in the neo-gothic style of that period, with a beautiful courtyard and a fantastic surprise: a general museum featuring rooms with ethnological, religious, historical, biological, and many other expositions  - particularly the collection of indigenous pottery is very interesting.


The quality is not top notch, but hey, this is done with very little money and is of great value to the local population. You, as a visitor will find some marvelous objects and it is well worth spending half an hour or so, just as long as you open your mind to the effort behind it all. 


10 COOLEST THINGS TO DO IN BAÑOS, ECUADOR: El Pedrón Hotel resort, Baños Ecuador10 COOLEST THINGS TO DO IN BAÑOS, ECUADOR:  Restaurant Water Tower.

Our favorite hotel "El Pedron" is an oasis in town, totally covered in trees and surrounded by a beautiful garden. Reasonably priced, it is wise to make reservations on weekend nights as it is often full. No spa service but great hospitality.

This old watertower remodeled to serve as a restaurant gives a beautiful view of the surroundings!


Climate of Baños

We don't have statistics on sun hours, but be prepared for cloudy skies, even during the dry season in the Central Valley. Baños lies half way the relatively dry central valley and the wettest region surrounding Tena and Puyo. The humid air from the Amazon Lowlands get pushed up through the canyon, and as the air cools, humidity is forced out of the air, often forming fog and rain. On the other hand, the temperatures are quite ,usually quite comfortable for the many outdoors activities of the town, as well for enjoying the thermal baths. 



Whatever makes you tick, relaxation and massage at the spas, high adrenaline activities, some serious hiking or biking in the mountains, you will find fun things to do in Baños, Ecuador 's great outdoors' center.



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