Cuaybeno Lodge

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Terrace of the Cuaybeno LodgePeople of all ages fall in love with Cuaybeno

Relaxing on the terrace at the Cuaybeno Lodge after a great excursion

On excursion watching wildlife and birds from the water

Cuaybeno Lodge, Ecuador from the air in Cuaybeno Wildlife Reserve.



Cuyabeno Lodge:

Shyris Park Building, Av. de los Shyris N36-188 & Av. Naciones Unidas, Office 608, 6th floor, Quito


Office: (++593) (0)(2) 292 6153 Cell (mobile) phone: (++593) (0)999 80 3395


Find it on the Quito Map Zoom in, it is a very detailed map!