AMAZON JUNGLE TOURS, ECUADOR: Find out why this is the best place to visit the Amazon. Tripadvisor: best value for money

Day one Amazon Jungle Tour, Ecuador

Fly in about 25 minutes from the capital across the Andes to the oil town LagoAgrio, in the Amazon lowlands. On your way you passes by the Cayambe Volcano, located precisely on the Equator. Request a right side window on the flight out  and a left side window on the flight back so you can take pictures. It takes les than 2 hours by bus from LagoAgrio  to the park entrance at "Cuyabeno Bridge".

Your Amazon jungle tour starts the moment you enter our motorized canoe that takes you down the winding Cuyabeno River to our Cuyabeno Lodge built on a seasonal island in the Cuyabeno Lake. The Cuyabeno Lodge is the only government licensed facility within any of the national parks of Ecuador.


Upom arrival, you are served lunch after you can take a swim in the lake and/ or take a rest. With some luck you may see fresh water Dolphins or even an Amazon Manatee.


After dinner, a night excursion takes you on a search for caiman and other nocturnal animals, which you can spot with flashlights, causing their eyes to reflect bright orange dots in the dark. With  luck you may see the reflection in the eyes of other wildlife like capybaras or even a big cat.


Days two and three Amazon Jungle Tour, Ecuador

Wildlife and birds are most active in the early morning and it is quite rewarding to start early to go on a birding. Macaws are very noisy birds, which may be seen frequently flying across the rainforest, while Hoatzins are rather silent birds that feed in the Macrolobium swamps that they browse for leaves. Often you can hear rising sound of the Howler Monkeys or watch a troop of Black Mantled Tamarin Monkeys scope treetops for food. A total of 10 species of monkeys have are known to live in the park. After an hour or so, return to have breakfast in the restaurant, followed by an excursion  through terra firma Amazon forest in search of wildlife and learn about plants.


Lunch will be served in the restaurant and after a siesta you'll will be taken on an excursion trough the flooded forest of Macrolobium trees. These bonsai-like  trees are covered with epiphytes that privide shelter for birds and bats. At the end of the afternoon you are invited to take a swim in the lake.


As the night falls you head back for dinner, followed by a night hike through the terra firma forest. So grab your flashlight to discover the nocturnal animals, like tree frogs, armadillos, nocturnal insects, etc.


Day four Amazon Jungle Tour, Ecuador

On the morning of your last day with us, you may share the feeling of so many Cuyabeno visitors: "It all went by too quickly". To catch your flight or the bus in LagoAgrio, you will have to leave in the morning. Our motorized canoe takes you up the river to the Cuyabeno Bridge park entrance, where our bus will be waiting to take you to your transport back to Quito passing by Cayambe National Park. 


Longer stays

Of course we would love to have you stay longer, so we can show you more of the jungle and swamps in a more relaxed fashion.




Cuyabeno Lodge / Neotropic Turis Office in Quito, Ecuador:

Shyris Park Building, Av. de los Shyris N36-188 & Av. Naciones Unidas, Office 608, 6th floor.

Phone: (++593) (0)(2) 292 6153

Cell (mobile) phone: (++593) (0)999 80 3395


Find it on the Quito Map Zoom in, it is a very detailed map!