AMAZON RIVER CRUISE, ECUADOR, THROUGH THE WORLD's MOST DIVERSE JUNGLE? Discover Ecuador's amazing Amazon from the water in Ecuador's wettest park.

Amazon River Cruise, Ecuador

The about 450 long and 150 km wide, park covers according to the latest data of the Ministry of Environment 590,112 hectares (5,901 km2 or 2,330 square miles). Cuyabeno Fauna Reserve is covered with fascinating virgin Rainforest and wildlife. With good reason one could call it the best rainforest of South America. These are the reasons:

  • When walking through the jungle, it is hard to watch monkeys and birds, as they they move about in the crowns 30 m above you. When you look up, the sky is very bright and the leaves contrast so much that they almost seem black and observing animals and flowers becomes very difficult. From a river, however one can see much closer as they move about the shrubs along the river banks;

  • This is even more so along creeks, which are abundant in Cuyabeno. From larger rivers, observing wildlife is much less easy; particularly when they are so wide that they seems fresh water seas as is the case in much of the Amazon region down stream from Ecuador. In contrast, on narrow rivers, it feels like being in the middle of the rainforest while at the same time enough light filters through onto the shrubs along the shores to watch birds, flowers and mammals;

  • Creeks and narrower rivers are more abundant in upper watersheds. In the Amazon jungle of the Andes foothills where Cuyabeno is located, the terrain is hilly in most Adean countries. As a result, few upper Amazon tributaries near the Andes are navigable and lakes are lacking anywhere in the Andes-Amazon countries. Only Cuyabeno has a flat plain. It is a huge swamp with a shallow exit through which the Cuyabeno River escapes. Behind it an inmense water body builds up and some 14 beautiful lakes are present in the deepest parts, while large areas are covered with seasonally flooded forest.

  • As the reserve is located precisely on the equator, its climate is different and more consistent during most of the year;

  • None of the Andean-Amazonian countries Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia have a protected area with such convenient access as Cuyabeno. This reflects in lower prices than anewhere else. You can get from the capital to LagoAgrio in half an hour, and from there you get to the reserve in about 2 hrs over a smooth asphalt road. All this makes Cuyabeno the best Amazon park in the world!

While exploring the Amazon from the water is paramount, true Amazon cruises are virtually impossible in Ecuador, simply because all the rivers are too shallow. Several attempts have been made in the past, most notably with the "Flotel" a hotel on a shallow barge on the Napo River. Unfortunately the barge got stuck time and again and over time the owners gave up. We made the closest possible experience for an Amazon River Cruise in Ecuador by from the water in the wettest Amazon Park of Ecuador while lodging you on a small island in the largest lake in the park.  


The splendor of the rainforest is in the details. Some 580 birds are known for Cuyabeno, many of which have bright colors; Many flowers are downright spectacular, including orchids and heliconias. However, due to the enormous biodiversity, one does not get to see many individuals of the same species together. So watch out for only one or a few jewels at the time.


Amazon River Cruise in Ecuador: Cuyabeno from the air.Amazon River Cruise in Ecuador: heliconia in Cuyabeno.Amazon River Cruise in Ecuador: tropical rainforest in Cuyabeno.Amazon River Cruise in Ecuador: Black Mantled monkeys in Cuyabeno

Amazon River Cruise in Ecuador: Tree frogs in Cuyabeno.Amazon River Cruise in Ecuador: Blue & Yellow macaws in Cuyabeno.Amazon River Cruise in Ecuador: Nose bears in Cuyabeno.Amazon River Cruise in Ecuador: Large yelllow moth in Cuyabeno.

Amazon River Cruise in Ecuador: orchids in Cuyabeno.Amazon River Cruise in Ecuador: Bromelia in CuyabenoAmazon River Cruise in Ecuador: Fern in Cuyabeno.Amazon River Cruise in Ecuador: heliconia in Cuyabeno.



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